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Canape Chesterfield 3 Places Cuir Union Jack

Des tissus et des crapauds

Facile à déplacer grâce à ses pieds équipés de petites roulettes. L’item canape chesterfield 3 places cuir union jack est en vente depuis le mardi 21 juillet 2020. Le vendeur est moncontainer69 et est localisé à/en St Priest.

Snakeboard USA Skinner Original 90s Streetboard very good conditions A

All Good Condition used Car Starting from 55 000 Richi Motor Rajeev Rox Bharti

Snakeboard usa skinner original 90s streetboard very good conditions a used board, very good conditions a, few little scratches on trucks and plates and tiny signes of use on the wheels. MODEL SKINNER BRAND/MARKE SNAKEBOARD USA (Original 90s) MATERIAL Zytel (DuPont polymer ST 801) WHEELS/ROLLEN Original Snakeboard Skinner 62mm, 92a BAR/MITTELSTANGE Original Skinner (Longbar green/grün) 52cm SUSPENSION/DÄMPFER reissue CNC nylon black NEW!