Vee Rhiannon Loves Twinkies And Men


Nik, this girl Vee Rhiannon is a obese party animal that will take advantage of any guy possible.

You can find her 4 days out of the week hanging out on Freemont getting drunk and asking guys for money. She leaves her daughter with literally anyone while she sleeps around in dingy motels with men she doesn’t know. She had a bump on her lip the day we hooked up but I didn’t think anything of it. Not long after I found out I had disease! I confronted her about it and she simply blocked me altogether. She knows she was infected but forgot to tell me, the fat slore. Watch out Vegas this girl destroyed my life and she will yours too!

–OP the first part of the title is believable. The other believable thing is that you are ashamed of your decision

4 Replies to “Vee Rhiannon Loves Twinkies And Men”

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